A happiness approach 😁

On the occasion of International day of happiness, yet another time to study the happiness question. Two years have passed and i added another 100 ways to feel happy with in my life. 

Have you ever wondered the smallest things which makes you happy. There is a book ‘La première gorgée de bière’ by a very famous french author ‘Philippe Delerm’. Since i am always so motivated for finding happiness in every little thing, i started reading the book… couldn’t complete it due to complicated french mataphores but certainly got the idea of him sharing to be thankful for small things we forgot to notice in out daily lives.

So what makes you happy afterall. When i wake up, the sun rays crossing the drapes on my window makes me happy. The beautiful white light in the room. The white snow outside the window. A hot shower. Hot chocolate in a big mug with high sugar. A beautiful dress. My ritual of listening to the same song daily. The idea of a upcoming holiday. The planning for the vacation. Travelling solo in an unknown city and having long walks. Buying a lovely summer dress and then waiting for the summer to wear it. Being in love. Hugging, kissing and having sex makes me happy. Playing ludo. Browsing old photographs makes me happy. Eating the same chocolate every evening. Surprised by home cooked lasagne. Sea makes me happy. and a lot more.

Whats your idea of happiness?


What comes first, Relationship or Sex?

Those days are gone, when we first meet the guy, take two weeks to hold hands, one month to kiss, and after few months of strictly non-sexual romance, we gradually move forward to being physical. Now, it is all about sex. All we seem to care about is deeds and its details. Last month, i read a question by a women on an online dating forum, asking for help because his date hasn’t kissed her on the second date. One of the responses even mentioned the possibility of the man being gay. We measure our relationship status on the level of intensity in sex. One of my friend once told me ‘I will know i love her. only after having sex with her’. Sex is now the ultimate key to ‘find the one’.

We have sex for many reasons, including lust, reliving stress, patching things up or even to remember that person by. These reasons change once we enter into a committed relationship. The number one reason to take things to bed is to convey how much we care about the person, how much we love him. The secondary reason is to stay close to him whereas how good it feels trails to the third place. Relationship changes the definition of sex. As we grow mature, we seems to care about the relationship more even if the sex is weak. This wisdom comes from different experiences and responsible shifts in the priorities. Excellent partnerships doesn’t really implies great sex but surely can increase the possibility of great sex.

It is hard to say where relationship and Sex intersects. There are no rules what comes first. A relationship can fail or succeed either way of course. Its our priorities who decides what we need in our life.

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Defining a relationship

There are about 170000 words in English Language. They add about 1000 entries each year. We have 300 words for a “relationship”. The more words we invent, the harder it becomes to define things. In the world in which you can date without having sex, screw without dating and in the end keep most of your sex partners as friend as long as the screwing is over, What really defines a relationship?

There are two type of men in the dating world. One, who like you, taken you on actual dates, want you to be their girlfriend and lock you down. Other, Who ask you out, who don’t know what they are doing, don’t want to know, screw you over and hop to other. Well if you are looking for a happy relationship, you should loose the second ones as soon as you know they fall in that category.

While, when it comes to defining a relationship it is difficult for the first type of guys as well. Even if he is dying to ask you to date him exclusively, he might have been pulled back by the thought of you responding “Oh already?”. It is incredibly relaxing for a guy to not to handle this topic only by himself. But, Are you interested to make the first relationship move? To ask him straight forwardly to not see other girls. May be you are battling with the same fear of not freaking him out. All you need is a balance and the courage to put it outright. So that you don’t have to say and he don’t have to worry.

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What is the harm in believing

There are approximately 7 billion people on our planet, out of which 10% are those eligible single men who we seek to have connection with. Yet finding the one seems to be a tough journey. After reading a research study done for a novel, i came to know that the average women will kiss 15 men in her lifetime, have sex with 7 different men, enjoy two long-term relationships and have her heart broken twice. Yet 94% of those women believe in true love.

After being in the singles market for 4 years, many ‘men and dates’ and one heart break later i do believe in love.. i still believe he is out there somewhere. It always amazes me, even after being failed in the same path.. we stand over.. and we start our journey yet again. With the same hope and a little more wisdom and we go for it. Why? what keeps us going? That desire of having someone by our side, the desire to feel that warmth and the desire of being secure and finally the desire of the idea of a great happy future.

Well, whatever the reason is.. All we need is to keep believing because what’s the harm in that.


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A better version

The intial stage of dating someone is quite exciting but fragile. He offered you a drink at the bar. You judged him in a glance.. cute, well maintained, nice shoes.. why not. You talked, exchanged numbers, he called and you met. The amazing first dates, those chills of knowing each other for the first time, never ending conversations and a perfect kiss at the end. You came home and a message pops up on your phone screen from him. 

Now the story starts.. The story of fear, fear of loosing him, which turns us mad actually. The person we don’t want to become. He didn’t reply in 10 minutes, why? Is he busy? Is he acting busy? Is he ignoring me? May be he didn’t like the reply? Do i need to send him another message? Why can’t we think like we do when a friend doesn’t reply for a while. Why can’t we think that he may be busy, he will reply as soon as he will get time.

What does he means by that? Why he asked that? How he will interpret my answer? Did he like what i said? Did he like what i did?

Why it is always more complicated in a relationship rather than friendship. Is it so difficult to act normal. The main question is ‘Is it worth it?’. Is the happiness due to his presence really worth the vulnerablity that entered in your life? Do you really like the person you have become?

A relationship is supposed to bring out the best in you. Ask yourself whether this new you is a better version of you?

With the end entered a new beginning

Well, I am late to state the end of my first tinder experiment. He did call to assure that he will set the time for third date on Sunday. Well the message arrived too but he didn’t, and the worst part I didn’t feel bad. This was the time I knew I have entered to this vicious world of online dating.

We text, flirt, meet, kiss or fuck but are we ready to be in a relationship, or even considering the idea to be in a relationship. Or we are just driven by the infatuation/lust. One of my girl friend once said “I need to have sex on first date to know whether I am going on the second date with him or not.” Sometimes I wonder, whether we are searching for love or a great fuck with a minute possibility of love. We have entered the era where we are so impatient or vulnerable to be physical first even if we want a relationship with the person.

Need for needliness

you feel like you’re in the relationship of your dreams does not necessarily mean he has those, And that lack of neediness for love and lust inevitably puts the man in total control of the relationship – he can’t be thrown off because he gets everything he wants without ever truly putting his heart at risk… She believes that somehow down the line, her love with transform him into the man she sees he was always meant to be… and he’ll realize that he can’t live without her and they’ll be together forever.

All the meanwhile, the guy just treats her like crap, again and again.

She can’t kick him to the curb for acting in a way that she’d normally never tolerate because her feminine desire to nurture this wounded bird back to health is so strong.