My Path

“Everyday is journey and the journey itself is home”

                                                                                              – Matsuo Basho

My Path is the discovery; the invention of who i am. Everyday is different, we go through millions of emotions and situations which change us. I believe in embracing every second of my life, learn, grow, become stronger with every hurdle. My path is full of surprises, which i welcome wholeheartedly. I strongly believe in being open-minded, believing in yourself, open to the possibilities of doing anything, achieving any goal. The more you believe, the more you achieve and the more you discover yourself.

My journey is my destination and my destinations are my journey.


*From Luxembourg, where i went for my career but ended up exploring the beautiful country by myself*


*The park i explored during after lunch walk in an unknown neighborhood*

This life is a beautiful journey, live it, embrace every moment of it.