A happiness approach 😁

On the occasion of International day of happiness, yet another time to study the happiness question. Two years have passed and i added another 100 ways to feel happy with in my life. 

Have you ever wondered the smallest things which makes you happy. There is a book ‘La première gorgée de bière’ by a very famous french author ‘Philippe Delerm’. Since i am always so motivated for finding happiness in every little thing, i started reading the book… couldn’t complete it due to complicated french mataphores but certainly got the idea of him sharing to be thankful for small things we forgot to notice in out daily lives.

So what makes you happy afterall. When i wake up, the sun rays crossing the drapes on my window makes me happy. The beautiful white light in the room. The white snow outside the window. A hot shower. Hot chocolate in a big mug with high sugar. A beautiful dress. My ritual of listening to the same song daily. The idea of a upcoming holiday. The planning for the vacation. Travelling solo in an unknown city and having long walks. Buying a lovely summer dress and then waiting for the summer to wear it. Being in love. Hugging, kissing and having sex makes me happy. Playing ludo. Browsing old photographs makes me happy. Eating the same chocolate every evening. Surprised by home cooked lasagne. Sea makes me happy. and a lot more.

Whats your idea of happiness?



So, i saw this quote today in my Pinterest feed.

This made me think if this is true or not. Can we be so passionate and soo fierce that we cannot hold ourself back. Well to prove this theory, i rewinded the last few weeks of my life in front of my eyes and realised yes it is true indeed. We all have that power which we need to realise, we all have that passion which can burn every fear we have.

Things were not well for a while in my relationship and i broke up with the guy whom i loved with all my heart in the hope of the happy days without him. There is no new pain caused by him these days but the good old memories now making it soo unbearable. I wakeup everyday with a huge sunshine smile on my face with a hope of a great day but somehow the thoughts keep coming back.

How can we escape this unbearable pain? well the answer was in the same quote, the same passion which encouraged to break up, the same hopeful feeling which knew that you deserve better and the same fire you felt that day which made you do what you wanted to do. Keep repeating the same feeling everytime when there is pain and doubt.

Because your heart is a fool and will believe everything you repeat again and again.



I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

A warm adieu to the lovely old one, to all the surprises, good times, new places and people who made those places beautiful. Here’s to the last year. Here’s to what it had made us. Here’s to us.

May this new year keep surprising us and bring us so much joy, love and happiness. I hope for a better, steady and colourful life. The best is coming.

My Path

“Everyday is journey and the journey itself is home”

                                                                                              – Matsuo Basho

My Path is the discovery; the invention of who i am. Everyday is different, we go through millions of emotions and situations which change us. I believe in embracing every second of my life, learn, grow, become stronger with every hurdle. My path is full of surprises, which i welcome wholeheartedly. I strongly believe in being open-minded, believing in yourself, open to the possibilities of doing anything, achieving any goal. The more you believe, the more you achieve and the more you discover yourself.

My journey is my destination and my destinations are my journey.


*From Luxembourg, where i went for my career but ended up exploring the beautiful country by myself*


*The park i explored during after lunch walk in an unknown neighborhood*

This life is a beautiful journey, live it, embrace every moment of it.


God wants you to know

I received a beautiful mail today:

I believe God wants you to know…
…that all who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart, will certainly be heard, and will receive what they have asked and desired.

Martin Luther said that, and he was right. Christmas Daybmay have passed, but God’s gift-giving day has not. For God’s gifts flow to us every day.

What present has been placed beneath the tree today?

‘Tis the Tree of Life of which we speak, and the gift waiting for you there will be revealed before this day is out.

Watch for it! Wait for it! It shall arrive!

Why, this little note itself may be it!


your Friend …

Merry Christmas!!!

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas!!

Hope you are doing great. Thanks to you, I am doing great too. This year have been very surprising. You have offered me everything which i never could have imagined. No wonder you have my best interests at heart. I want to thank you for everything, every lovely moment which made me happy. I thank you for every fall i faced as you gave me the courage to stand and run after that. When i see the big picture of my life, i realize that i have everything which many people wish for. I want to thank you for making me so lucky.

This year my wish list is a bit dreamy. I wish for Love, that pure, endless, irresistible love, can’t live without each other kind of love. I wish for a fairy tale; and i believe it is possible, as i believe in you. I believe in you more than i believe in myself. I want you to give me the strength to keep believing. I want you to give me that hope. I want you to keep that hope alive. I know you can do that and i want you to do that. And i know you will.

I wish you to have a great new year.


What comes first, Relationship or Sex?

Those days are gone, when we first meet the guy, take two weeks to hold hands, one month to kiss, and after few months of strictly non-sexual romance, we gradually move forward to being physical. Now, it is all about sex. All we seem to care about is deeds and its details. Last month, i read a question by a women on an online dating forum, asking for help because his date hasn’t kissed her on the second date. One of the responses even mentioned the possibility of the man being gay. We measure our relationship status on the level of intensity in sex. One of my friend once told me ‘I will know i love her. only after having sex with her’. Sex is now the ultimate key to ‘find the one’.

We have sex for many reasons, including lust, reliving stress, patching things up or even to remember that person by. These reasons change once we enter into a committed relationship. The number one reason to take things to bed is to convey how much we care about the person, how much we love him. The secondary reason is to stay close to him whereas how good it feels trails to the third place. Relationship changes the definition of sex. As we grow mature, we seems to care about the relationship more even if the sex is weak. This wisdom comes from different experiences and responsible shifts in the priorities. Excellent partnerships doesn’t really implies great sex but surely can increase the possibility of great sex.

It is hard to say where relationship and Sex intersects. There are no rules what comes first. A relationship can fail or succeed either way of course. Its our priorities who decides what we need in our life.

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Defining a relationship

There are about 170000 words in English Language. They add about 1000 entries each year. We have 300 words for a “relationship”. The more words we invent, the harder it becomes to define things. In the world in which you can date without having sex, screw without dating and in the end keep most of your sex partners as friend as long as the screwing is over, What really defines a relationship?

There are two type of men in the dating world. One, who like you, taken you on actual dates, want you to be their girlfriend and lock you down. Other, Who ask you out, who don’t know what they are doing, don’t want to know, screw you over and hop to other. Well if you are looking for a happy relationship, you should loose the second ones as soon as you know they fall in that category.

While, when it comes to defining a relationship it is difficult for the first type of guys as well. Even if he is dying to ask you to date him exclusively, he might have been pulled back by the thought of you responding “Oh already?”. It is incredibly relaxing for a guy to not to handle this topic only by himself. But, Are you interested to make the first relationship move? To ask him straight forwardly to not see other girls. May be you are battling with the same fear of not freaking him out. All you need is a balance and the courage to put it outright. So that you don’t have to say and he don’t have to worry.

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What is the harm in believing

There are approximately 7 billion people on our planet, out of which 10% are those eligible single men who we seek to have connection with. Yet finding the one seems to be a tough journey. After reading a research study done for a novel, i came to know that the average women will kiss 15 men in her lifetime, have sex with 7 different men, enjoy two long-term relationships and have her heart broken twice. Yet 94% of those women believe in true love.

After being in the singles market for 4 years, many ‘men and dates’ and one heart break later i do believe in love.. i still believe he is out there somewhere. It always amazes me, even after being failed in the same path.. we stand over.. and we start our journey yet again. With the same hope and a little more wisdom and we go for it. Why? what keeps us going? That desire of having someone by our side, the desire to feel that warmth and the desire of being secure and finally the desire of the idea of a great happy future.

Well, whatever the reason is.. All we need is to keep believing because what’s the harm in that.


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