So, i saw this quote today in my Pinterest feed.

This made me think if this is true or not. Can we be so passionate and soo fierce that we cannot hold ourself back. Well to prove this theory, i rewinded the last few weeks of my life in front of my eyes and realised yes it is true indeed. We all have that power which we need to realise, we all have that passion which can burn every fear we have.

Things were not well for a while in my relationship and i broke up with the guy whom i loved with all my heart in the hope of the happy days without him. There is no new pain caused by him these days but the good old memories now making it soo unbearable. I wakeup everyday with a huge sunshine smile on my face with a hope of a great day but somehow the thoughts keep coming back.

How can we escape this unbearable pain? well the answer was in the same quote, the same passion which encouraged to break up, the same hopeful feeling which knew that you deserve better and the same fire you felt that day which made you do what you wanted to do. Keep repeating the same feeling everytime when there is pain and doubt.

Because your heart is a fool and will believe everything you repeat again and again.



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