Merry Christmas!!!

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas!!

Hope you are doing great. Thanks to you, I am doing great too. This year have been very surprising. You have offered me everything which i never could have imagined. No wonder you have my best interests at heart. I want to thank you for everything, every lovely moment which made me happy. I thank you for every fall i faced as you gave me the courage to stand and run after that. When i see the big picture of my life, i realize that i have everything which many people wish for. I want to thank you for making me so lucky.

This year my wish list is a bit dreamy. I wish for Love, that pure, endless, irresistible love, can’t live without each other kind of love. I wish for a fairy tale; and i believe it is possible, as i believe in you. I believe in you more than i believe in myself. I want you to give me the strength to keep believing. I want you to give me that hope. I want you to keep that hope alive. I know you can do that and i want you to do that. And i know you will.

I wish you to have a great new year.



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