Why do we care too much?

When it comes to our relationship we care too much, well not exactly caring.. Its about stressing. When it comes to our family, we love them, we care about them, its all so natural. whereas in relationships, that care turns into stress.

A true relationship should be the one in which the unfolding of events happens naturally. All we need to do is to feel happy around each other, to be with each other, nothing to think about, nothing to plan, nothing to make happen. God has designed us this way, If we will be attracted.. We naturally be drawn towards each other.

Then Why after two dates we become so obsessed, that we become to analyze them.. we become to analyse their texting habits, their facebook activity. We start spending hours analyzing whether they like us or not. Can we actually know that? no, probably the person doesn’t even know that yet. We end up creating this negative energy in which we see the relationship through our eyes, which hasn’t even happen yet, which may never happen. We write our own endings and draw ourselves towards that. What we need to do is to live in present, loose that fear of loss, that stress which is drawing us towards depression. A relationship is supposed to bring the happiness in the life. So enjoy that despite of stressing over loosing it soon.


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