A better version

The intial stage of dating someone is quite exciting but fragile. He offered you a drink at the bar. You judged him in a glance.. cute, well maintained, nice shoes.. why not. You talked, exchanged numbers, he called and you met. The amazing first dates, those chills of knowing each other for the first time, never ending conversations and a perfect kiss at the end. You came home and a message pops up on your phone screen from him. 

Now the story starts.. The story of fear, fear of loosing him, which turns us mad actually. The person we don’t want to become. He didn’t reply in 10 minutes, why? Is he busy? Is he acting busy? Is he ignoring me? May be he didn’t like the reply? Do i need to send him another message? Why can’t we think like we do when a friend doesn’t reply for a while. Why can’t we think that he may be busy, he will reply as soon as he will get time.

What does he means by that? Why he asked that? How he will interpret my answer? Did he like what i said? Did he like what i did?

Why it is always more complicated in a relationship rather than friendship. Is it so difficult to act normal. The main question is ‘Is it worth it?’. Is the happiness due to his presence really worth the vulnerablity that entered in your life? Do you really like the person you have become?

A relationship is supposed to bring out the best in you. Ask yourself whether this new you is a better version of you?


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